You wouldn’t normally want to vacation or go anywhere that has a winter, or that’s what most people think.  If you’ve never been to Iowa, never played in the snow, drove around the countryside, seen a winter sunrise…you’re missing out.  It’s pretty and it’s fun.  Take a look at winter in beautiful Iowa!


We had a late start to our first winter (as official residents here),  but since the beginning of the first snowfall, it’s been breathtakingly gorgeous to sit and watch. Not that you should just sit and watch!

The first thing I do when I wake up at the Peppermill is to go straight to the front door, open it and just take it all in.  I gasp not at the cold but at how peaceful and serene it is.

First thought in my mind each morning…wouldn’t Norman Rockwell just love to paint this?

Take a look at some of the moments and places we’ve captured this winter

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-neighbor

Early morning at the B&B

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-mornings

Breathtaking sunrises

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-countryside

Beautiful countrysides

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-bridges

Covered Bridges in Madison County

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-capital

Venturing into the City (DesMoines Capitol)

winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-desmoines

Site seeing

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-sun

Glistening snow banks

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-iowa

Country living

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-amish

The Amish life

Winter in beautiful Iowa-peppermillbnb-bnb

This is the B&B in winter mode.  Surrounded by glistening, powdery white!  Where the skies always look bluer against the billowy mounds.  Where the air is fresh and clear, the sound is deafening peaceful and the community is quiet and welcoming.  What could possibly make this visit any better, you ask?

That would be the hot, fresh homemade full breakfast that will await you when you wake up and before you head out to take in the sights and sounds!

Take it from a Texas CITY girl.  This will definitely have you appreciating the ‘No’s!”

  • NO traffic, NO lines, NO rush, NO worries—  way of life!

Winter in beautiful Iowa

A sight to behold, a must experience!  Come visit anytime, we will show you Southern hospitality at it’s best~

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