It’s amazing to see that after a very long and hard winter, growth happens.  It can be deceiving and it might have you thinking you will never see green in the foreseeable future.  But before you know it… you can see and welcome (excitedly I might add), the beauty when the plants start to grow. It’s quite a beauty to behold.

When the plants start to grow-peppermillbnb-wagon

And at the Peppermill, we are seeing it all in full bloom!

Watching old, established plants come back to life is so exciting.  Freeze after freeze, you start thinking that nothing is going to come back.  But then… just like that, you have green & color.  Even the hydrangeas that were planted last summer, are getting ready to bloom.  And with anticipation we’ve patiently waited.

Here you can see one of our yard apprentices helping Boo with watering these fragrant beauties!  (Every hand on deck!)

When the plants start to grow-peppermillbnb-water

The bicycle filled baskets & the old washtub are both draping with alyssum. It’s tiny yet super fragrant blooms fill the air and attract our fellow bees & butterflies.

When the plants start to grow-peppermillbnb-peonies

The peonies resurfaced, providing the perfect greeting by our front door.

Guests are greeted and welcomed everywhere they look.  It might be the wagon filled with fragrant pansies or some of the other favorites throughout the property.  Either way, they don’t disappoint.

When the plants start to grow

you will love laying out in the hammock or just sipping tea on the wooden swing and enjoying that beautiful growth.

The scent filled air with beautiful color is the perfect setting for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.   You might just fall asleep rocking gently on the hammock (as we do often), or you might just want to take a stroll like many of our guests do.  We are just so happy that growth did happen after our long, hard winter.

Won’t you be our guest~

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