Now, it might have taken us a while to get this done, but we’re definitely proud of the results. We’re happy to be sharing some great news… we have a SIGN!!!

We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-sign

It’s done and we can sit back and enjoy the labor of our trials & effort!

Projects like these, are a little more complicated when you have two creative people hashing it out.  It just takes a little longer. Boo and I really wanted to make it.  [It never occurred to us to just hire or have someone else do it. ]

Here is a list of the things we needed to consider prior to getting started:

  1. A sign design
  2. The weather needed to be perfect—for soft ground (no snow)
  3. A font we both liked
  4. The right materials
  5. Time (never enough time)

It took a village

Once we decided on all of the above it was a matter of doing it!  The wonderful thing about our sign is that the whole family took part in it.  It was definitely a FAMILY AFFAIR.  Actually, more like a village affair!

From design, to sanding, to painting, to putting it in its permanent place… everyone helped.

Even the littles, some Amish, and friends!

We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-going

We have a SIGN!!!

We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-little
the littlest learning to use a sander
We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-sanding
Primed and ready
We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-closeup
revealing the lettering
We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-paint
the older of the two helps prime the posts
We have a SIGN!!!-peppermillbnb-details
Mr. detail
helping pack dirt into the post holes
watch me drive the mower
adding landscaping rock


helping with the BIG rocks!
I can do it!

As you can see by the photos, it was fun, tiring, trying, and exhausting.  Poor Boo did the most and did a wonderful job!

Unfortunately our sign was not done by our 1st year anniversary like we’d hoped but now that it’s in the ground and there…it sure looks like it’s been there awhile. It looks great, like it belongs.

Our guests will be able to find their way here with ease and the sign will definitely help!

Now on to the other “to-do’s” on our list! ❤︎