It’s seems like only yesterday that we found this beautiful Italianate Victorian home built in 1882 and decided to buy it!  It became our HOME and the Bed and Breakfast that Belle had always dreamt of owning!  On August 15th we are celebrating our 1st anniversary and we’ve got some fun plans to ring in that first year!

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary-celebration

Time flies when you’re having fun, they say.  Running and operating a B&B has kept us busy but we are loving what we’re doing.  So much that the year has flown by and we find ourselves planning some fun events and activities to celebrate.

How did we get here?

Owning a small business is hard work.  It is tedious and time consuming but can also be very gratifying.  There are details such as marketing, budgeting, branding, and promoting that are crucial to the survival of a small business.  In my experience, branding is on the top of the list!  Then it’s on to finding your niche and carrying out your plan.

We started our B&B because Belle had always dreamt of owning and operating one.  Did we think that would really happen someday? No.  But we are ecstatic that it did.  Boo is a natural at socializing with everyone of our guests and is a man of detail when it comes to taking care of the grounds.  Belle loves to entertain and cook, while loving adding character to interiors!  It’s been grand!

At the Peppermill we’ve had lots of promotional material available to hand out. Business cards, banners, tri-folds, post cards, etc. But can you believe that we still don’t have a yard sign for our B&B?

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary-banners

True!  That’s because Boo & Belle have both had their idea of what they wanted the sign to be.  With their own idea of what it should look like and say.  But we plan to have our sign complete for our 1st anniversary!  (Reveal later!)

In the meantime we have lots of other signs throughout that help our guests know that they’re at the right place…The Peppermill!

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary-guests

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary-board

Checkout this other perfect little sign!

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary-thumb

Belle designed this sign and received it for free as a collaboration with Smart Signs in return for product feedback.  The signs are made of high quality metal and color and are fully customizable.  Their turnaround time was fabulous as is the quality of their products!  We are loving our guest parking sign and highly recommend their products!  If you’re needing an office sign, a yard sign or just a personalized sign for a special occasion, head on over to Smart Signs!

How can you get in on the anniversary fun???

If you want to help us celebrate our 1 year be sure to follow and like us on Instagram and our Facebook page because we will be having drawings and prizes for some fun stuff.

For those of you already following us and those that have graced us as guests… THANK YOU!!!

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