Hello friends, guests, and visitors!  It’s been awhile since my last post on the Peppermill front!  We wanted to share a bit about the other fun side of the Peppermill with you.  Somethings you might not know!

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-pin

While we’ve been enjoying the FALL here in Iowa, we have stayed super busy with lots of guests but we have also stayed busy with special events and fun!

We had a delightful surprise when our 1st B&B guest book was completely full and I counted our guests that walked through our doors since opening on August 17, 2018.  With 460 guests to date (plus some that snuck off without signing),it  seems like a lot for a new small business. For a B&B in a very small town, during Covid and all! Doesn’t it?  We have been blessed.

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-guests

Blessed by everyone that has come through those doors and we are so very thankful!

So amongst the many overnight guests, we have also had the opportunity to host private brunches, luncheons, office parties, catered weddings, Veteran’s Day celebrations, Mother’s Day and so much more.

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-food

One of the areas in which Belle loves to add her special touches to!

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-fall

We even hosted a 50th  wedding anniversary overnighter. Complete with a romantic dinner just for them.

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-dinner

Here is a list of the many things we offer:

  • Office Parties
  • Catering for: holidays, office party, anniversary, birthday, etc.
  • Picnic lunches for you to enjoy at the park, lake, etc.
  • tea party
  • Brunches
  • Luncheons
  • Private dinners

Or you can join us for our scheduled events when posted on FB.

The other fun side of the Peppermill-peppermillbnb-serve

You can drop us an email, contact us through the popup window here on the website or contact page. You can even follow us on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events and such.

Holidays are right around the corner—-hurry and schedule your next event!

At the Peppermill we like to celebrate with YOU!  So keep us in mind~


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