A sweet summer tomato salad that is keto friendly, vegetarian, healthy and so good!  But first… let me tell you about the summer harvest!

sweet summer tomato salad-pbnb-easy

I’ve mentioned on our fb page how our daughter’s garden has blessed them with an abundance of cucumbers and now tomatoes.  What can be sweeter than having such abundance from ones garden?

Fresh, homegrown is totally and significantly different than what we can buy at the grocery store. It tastes so much better, the flavors are robust and fresh and when you cook or bake with it, it comes through so much better.  Even the grandkids (5 and 3) can tell a difference!

So this summer found us making good use of all the goodies.

After freezing a number of the tomatoes to use for later (and for our guests), we’ve made fresh salsa, tomato jam, crushed tomatoes, and lots and lots of salads.

Sweet Summer Tomato Salad-pbnb-freeze

sweet summer tomato salad- pbnb- cures

Sweet Summer Tomato Salad-pbnb-jam Sweet Summer Tomato Salad-pbnb-salsa

Sweet Summer Tomato Salad-pbnb-cu

Then from our garden came these beautifully jeweled – yellow tomatoes that are just as magnificent.

sweet summer tomato salad-pbnb-yellows

So what is a summer without salads?  Aside from adding beauty to your dishes, they are so darn good for you!  (Pretty sure I’ve eaten my weight in tomatoes this summer!!!)

sweet summer tomato salad-pbnb-salad

Sweet Summer Tomato Salad

This deliciously, easy salad recipe will have you grabbing seconds and more! Uncomplicated and with ingredients that you more than likely have at home already, you can have a fabulous dish, side or snack to enjoy.  Our 3 year old grandson loves it as well!  What more can you want from a dish than all of the above?

Make great use of the summer veggies that are available right now and enjoy a healthy meal too!

Sweet Summer Tomato Salad-pbnb-recipe

Did I mention that our grands decided to have a pickle stand this summer because of the overabundance of cucumbers and because they love the pickles so much?  They sold out both times and our community enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

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