Our kitchen just got a make-over and while the space is off limits during guest visits, you can see it & read all about it HERE.

our kitchen just got a make-over-peppermillbnb-cabinets

The addition of new lighting, removal of wallpaper, stripping cabinets and painting in white has given the Peppermill kitchen a whole new feel and looks like an entirely different room!

You must checkout the changes! The best thing of all, we did it without breaking the bank and you can too.  Here’s the reward for our hard work in our kitchen reveal: smart budget improvements with awesome lighting!

our kitchen just got a make-over-peppermillbnb-light our kitchen just got a make-over-peppermillbnb-pantry our kitchen just got a make-over-peppermillbnb-bigviewThere are still some changes to come, like new flooring, different backsplash, new light fixture above sink area, and I have a project in mind for the cabinet space above the stove area.  Those are all further down my list though.  For now, I am going to enjoy the hard work we put into this lovely space.

Did we mention that this is one of our favorite rooms in our home now?  It’s the perfect place for not only our family meals, holiday cooking & baking, but for great breakfasts for our guests at the Peppermill B&B!  I also love that people can now gather around the island or pitch in during meal planning!

Hope you have the opportunity to visit and be a guest at the Peppermill soon!

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