We, at the Peppermill are so excited to announce that we will be offering an occasional brunch now and then.  So, would you like to join us for a Fall Brunch?

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Join us for a Fall Brunch

Yes, on Saturday, November 17th, we will be hosting our very first one.  A FALL BRUNCH!   We’d love to have you join us!

The menu is a wonderful variety of hot deliciousness.  And if you’re not hungry and drooling at the mouth now, you will when you arrive!  We’re talking a full gourmet meal that includes a main course, a dessert, and a drink for only $15 per person.

This is a first come, first serve event and you can purchase tickets by contacting us at 641.289.1086 or email: peppermillbnb@gmail.com.  (Maximum 2 tickets per household)

While this will be our first time to offer brunch to the public, we hope to offer more events in the coming months.  Cause who doesn’t enjoy the occasional meal out, not having to cook, and to be able to enjoy a hot delicious meal at such an inviting place?

Do join us!

Join us for a Fall Brunch-peppermillbnb-menu

When we decided to open up our home as a Bed & Breakfast, we seriously immediately thought how fun it would be to have occasional private dining experiences to our community.  With planning and ideas shooting everywhere, we began writing them all down in hopes to host many of them.  We’re HUGE fans of brunches and eating and it just seemed to be something that would be fun to offer up.  Belle sometimes wishes we had three dining rooms vs the one. (I don’t think Boo feels the same way) Lol!  But regardless–events will be happening and we hope you will come!

Keep an eye out here and at our FB page for any and all future events at the Peppermill.  For now we hope you will join us for a Fall Brunch!

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