Boo & Belle — B&B move in!  Moving in started over the weekend into the Peppermill!

B&B move in-sold

Closing happened on the 7th and throughout the weekend these two with the help of family and friends in the community, steadily made their way to their new place.  Did I mention how awesome this community is?  So we’re huffin’ and puffin’, moving things into the trailer when along comes a sweet bicycle rider and she just jumps off and says, “where do you need me?”  Seriously, what other town is fortunate to have these kind of peeps?  Lucky us!!!

Back at the Peppermill…

First and foremost,  unpacking of the kitchen Monday morning.  Because who wants to move in, clean, and decorate without some home cooking? Right?  Almost done with the exception of what’s still in storage.

B&B move in - kitchen2

And of course, who can resist sitting and not paying attention to a pot of tea brewing when you have a view like this?

B&B move in- window

B&B move in - kitchen1

The kitchen will get some updates in the future but for now it will have to do!  Stay tuned for those updates and renovations.

Then on to my favorite invention EVER… air conditioning!  YEP0——we’re getting a new a/c system in place.

B&B move in-ac

Now back to more unpacking and enjoying this beautiful place!