It’s been awhile.  That can be said for so many & so many things, right?  It’s been awhile since we’ve had guests, since we’ve gone to a movie, since we shopped at our favorite store or dined at our favorite restaurant.  Let’s face it…life’s been hard for many and an innkeepers life in 2020 is no exception!

an innkeepers life in 2020-pbb-holidays

Although times are tough and existence the past few months has been trying, it does make us re-evaluate and re-assess our direction.  Giving light to creativity.  Challenges that we, here at the Peppermill like to thrive on.  Even though, we are still closed for guests, doesn’t mean we’ve been idle.

Holidays might have come and gone, but we’ve still decorated as if we were hosting multiple guests.  Our table was set and ready to serve!


Takeout Tuesday’s

Hosting “Takeout Tuesday’s” was born from Covid.


Locals were missing eating out and often ask if they can just eat at the Peppermill. They’ve heard or seen some of our dishes in our social media feeds. We get it!  Boo & I like takeout just as much as the next person.  Offering some of our favorites have been a huge hit.  Dishes that range from Mexican to Italian to Tex-Mex & they’ve all been very popular.

Lawn Concerts

Canceling some of our fun events we had planned just meant we needed to start venturing into a fun-creative outlet and focus on how we could keep a small business afloat.  Our musician son came for a visit from Austin, Texas  and between mom and daughter, decided to host social distancing lawn concerts.  We were so happy with the support and the amount of people that came out to just enjoy a night of music.

The summer evenings were cool, full of fireflies when the sun went down.  It was the perfect setting for entertaining on the lawn!


We may not have guests or be open to the public but we plan to do so in the near future.

Change is born from moments like these and the Peppermill plans on being around for a long time.

We will get creative, we will prevail and we will still setup our table for guests…whether it’s just for the family.

An innkeepers life in 2020

can still mean business, just not in the sense of a traditional B&B routine!  We’re okay with that—we’re having fun!