Happy weekend y’all!  I woke up to our 10th morning of waking up in this old, (new to us) house.  This morning was different.  Boo left bright and early to an event he wanted to go to so it was me and Dosee Doh.  Our spoiled-rotten foo foo Fiona shitzu pooch!  The house is quiet and peaceful and that is what I’ve enjoyed every day since we’ve moved in.  I love architecture!  (If you didn’t know that already!). I love old homes, I love old doors.  I could go on and on.  But back to my story…  and as I do each day, as I walk the halls, from room to room, getting to know this perfect- imperfect grand lady, and every nook & cranny of hers, it brings a smile to my face. I really do love her!  A piece of history (hardware).

What I mean by that, is that when I first visited this home while house hunting, I noticed something magnificent about her… the door knobs.

a piece of history (hardware)-knob

I had never seen this type of knob in all my years of studying architecture, in antique shops, in reading, etc.  I, well actually I was taken when Boo also took notice of not only it’s intricacy but the little lever.

a piece of history (hardware)-lever

That one right there on the right!  I decided to research them since there were a few that were missing from some of the doors.  I was actually so thrilled to see that there were more of these in-tact than not.  My research found that Orvellas Henry Gilbert was the man behind the design and manufacturing of these beauties.  I also loved reading that if we are lucky enough to have some of this hardware, we have a piece of American history in our hands.  (You can find more info on this type of hardware design here.)

a piece of history (hardware)-gilbert hardware

I know.  Who gets so excited about door knobs?

a piece of history (hardware)- lock

Well, HELLO!  I love that when I was going through all the nooks and crannies, I did find several missing knobs and the hardware.

a piece of history (hardware)-open

That is another project for Boo to take care.  But what a beautiful project, right?

I just had to share. (You missed out on the pump fists, the high five, and the silent animated jig I do when I find a gem like this!) Be thankful!?

We’ve accomplished quite a bit in the short week and a half that we’ve been here and we have a list of all that we plan to do.  It doesn’t matter, to me at least, that we both feel like we’ve been attending several “first days” of a Camp Gladiator Camp, (but a better feel)!  I think of what my momma used to say when she had aches and pains.  That she was thankful for every bit of it cause it meant she was still alive.  Amen to that!

While we progress, I’m sure we’ll find lots of loves and some dislikes about owning a 100 year old home but for now.  We do stay mindful of how thankful we are for this blessing.  After a hard days work, Boo and I sit together in the front swing and talk about the day and what needs to be done.  Silently thanking God for all of it- knobs, hardware and all.  We’ll continue to share the beauty of this old house as we turn it into our HOME.